Web video player features

Use any HTML Editor

Including WordPress

EasyFLV works with any HTML editor available on earth. If it does not work we will refund your money. EasyFLV also works flawlessly with server side scripting languages like php, asp.net and cold fusion.

Here are some of the HTML editors most of our customers use.

Adobe Dreamweaver | Microsoft Frontpage | Microsoft Expression Web | Serif Web Pro | Coffee Cup HTML Editor | NVU | WordPress | Joomla | Drupal | Mambo | and many more...

If you can add images to your HTML editor you will be able to add video to it too with EasyFLV.

Web video player works with html editors

Web video player works on all devices

Full Device Support

Computers, Smartphones, Tablets

It is painstakingly hard to manually setup videos on a webpage when you want your videos to be viewable on devices like iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets.Especially if you want to build a playlist of videos for these devices it becomes a real challenge.

Enter EasyFLV and all you have to do is show the software your video files, where you want to upload them and how you want your web video player cosmetics to be. EasyFLV takes care of the rest.

Full Playlist Support

With a Powerful Playlist Editor

You need to trust us on this. To configure a video playlist you do not have to write a single piece of code like XML, JSON or John Paul Jones.Show the software your video files and the software builds your playlist.

Additionally, you can choose to place the playlist to the right of the video player or at the bottom. You can also choose to put only video titles in the playlist. Or a title and description. Or a title, description and a small thumbnail. You can even make the playlist invisible.

The video playlists work on iPads, iPhones, and Android phones and tablets.

Web video player software with playlist

EasyFLV web video players are colorable

Blend with Your Web Design

Color Configurable Web Video Players

EasyFLV web video player blends with your webpage as you can color the player of your choice. All you need to do is tell the software your preferred color for the web video player.

The software takes care of the rest.

When you select a color, if the player has a playlist the software automatically assigns the best colors for the playlist based on your chosen color.

Additionally, you can select a fixed or floating bar for the player controls.

Choose your protocol

http, rtmp or pseudo

EasyFLV supports all three major streaming video protocols. HTTP or progressive streaming, RTMP or Real Time streaming and Pseudo or "Like" Real Time streaming.

It's entirely your decision on which method best suits your needs for streaming your web videos. The simplest method is HTTP streaming.

And here also, all you have to do is select the menu item identifying the method you prefer. No manual coding, No reading blogs. No headaches.

Supported protocols by web video player

Streaming video software with video marketing tools

Video Marketing Tools

Enhance your web videos

We have incorporated some powerful video marketing tools that you can use and try boosting your traffic or sales.

For example we offer a video on-click function if you are into affiliate marketing. A 'social sharing' function to share your web video page on Facebook or Twitter. Or show a Buy Now button or a Newsletter Sign up form at the end of the video.

Additionally, you can brand your web videos with our free encoder with a text or image watermark to personalize your videos.

The Software

A friendly wizard

From selecting the streaming protocol to building your playlist, all you need to do is choose menu items, options, dropdowns, check boxes etc.

Not a single line of manual coding is involved.

Why should you appreciate our wizard? Because once you generate the code, you simply paste it into your web page and upload the generated files. Your web page is video-ready, the easy way!

Additionally, the software can save your playlist as file. The software can also save your settings as a profile. A must for any webmaster having different clients.

Web video player software screenshot

EasyFLV customer support

Customer Support

24 hrs, 7 days a week

One of our policies is, once you buy our software we like to see it fully utilized by you. Nothing makes us more happy than seeing a EasyFLV video player on a website. Thus, customer support is a top priority for us. We respond to any support request within 12 hours. Generally within minutes.

24 hours. 7 days. Including holidays.

We have some of the friendliest customer support staff you will ever experience, if you need it at all.

Personal License - Unlimited Websites

Webmaster License - Unlimited Websites

One time payment | 100% secure order | 30 days money back guarantee | Use on unlimited websites |
24/7 Customer support | Instant Download | Free updates for one year

Bonus: With every purchase you also receive a free video encoder to encode your videos properly to web formats.